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Diploma Options

Basic Diploma
Basic Diploma, with College Preparatory Requirements
Central California Conference Advanced Honors Diploma *Not currently offered


A Diploma will be granted to a student

Who has been in attendance for the final semester of the senior year
Whose conduct and attendance has been satisfactory
Who has met 10th-grade proficiency requirements in Reading, Math, and Language
Who has completed in a satisfactory manner the course work as listed for the following diploma options:

Basic Diploma: Minimum Total – 24 Carnegie Units

Community Service – 25 hours per enrolled school year 

Computer Applications – .5 Carnegie unit

Mathematics – 2 Carnegie Units 
Electives – 4 Carnegie Units *Transfer students who do not have 1 unit of music will need 4.5 units total of electives
English – 4 Carnegie Units
Physical Education – 3 Carnegie Units *Must be completed over three separate school years
Music – 1 Carnegie Units *Taken during the first two years of high school. Transfer students must have .5 units of Fine Arts to graduate
Religion – 4 Carnegie Units *1 unit per year that a student is enrolled in a Seventh-day Adventist school
Health – .5 Carnegie Units
Science – 2 Carnegie Units
Social Studies– 3 Carnegie Units *Must include Government, Economics, and US History

Basic Diploma with College Preparatory Requirements: Minimum Total – 27 Carnegie Units

All of the previously listed Basic Diploma requirements with the following additions:
Modern Language – 2 Carnegie Units *Must be two units of the same foreign language
Fine Arts – 1 Carnegie Unit *This is for transfer students only - CVCA students meet this requirement with the Basic Diploma track
Science – 1  (3 Lab) Carnegie Unit
Mathematics – 1 Carnegie Unit

Central California Conference Advanced Honors Diploma: Minimum Total – 28 Carnegie Units

All of the College Preparatory requirements with the following additions:
A grade of B- or better in all high school classes, B or higher in all Honors and AP courses

Required Math classes include Algebra I (1 unit), Geometry (1 unit), and Algebra II (1 unit)

Required Laboratory Science classes include Biology I (1 unit), Chemistry (1 unit), and Physics (1 unit) *.5 credits must be A-G approved

Required Social Studies classes include World History (1 unit), American Government (.5 units), and US History (1 unit) *.5 credits must be A-G approved

Fine Arts - 2 Carnegie Units that are A-G approved
Cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher
Senior Project 
2 Carnegie Units of Honors courses
Minimum Competency must be 12th grade or higher in the areas of Math, Reading, and Writing


Graduation Cord Significance
Gold = Graduating with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher
Silver = Graduating with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 to 3.49
Blue = Awarded to students who have been in full-time attendance at CVCA for 12 or 13 years
Green = Awarded to students who have been in full-time attendance at CVCA in grades 9-12


CCC Advanced Honors Diploma Medallions will be awarded at commencement
Participation in Graduation Exercises for Seniors in 12th grade
Seniors must have successfully completed all requirements for graduation by the end of the school year to be able to march during graduation exercises. These requirements include passing all required classes, meeting minimum proficiency requirements, and the school has received official notification that all correspondence work and/or courses for transfer credits have been successfully completed at least two (2) weeks prior to graduation.

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