CVCA realizes that private Chrisitan education can be expensive and we are here to help.  Please schedule a time to visit our campus and we can tell you all about the different scholarships that are available for our CVCA families.  Please don't let money be the reason you choose not to apply.  


Grade Rates:

Kindergarten: $4845.00 or $484.50/month for 10 months

1st-6th Grade: $5248.00 or $528.80/month for 10 months

7th-8th Grade: $6120.00 or $612.00/month for 10 months

9th-12th Grade: $9037.00 or $903.70/month for 10 months

Registration Fee Additional $350.00 All Grades (non-refundable)

Discounts (Please contact the office for more info):

Constituent Church Discount: From $243 up to $452

Multiple Student Tuition Discount

2 Students: From $243 up to $452

3 Students: From $486 up to $904

4 or more: From $729 up to $1356

Annual – There is a 3% discount for full payment received in the CVCA office by August 1, 2021.  You can pay in full by credit card, but you will not receive the 2% discount.
Monthly – Automatic Bank Payments (ACH) are processed through FACTS Management Co.
There are no illness or vacation credits given.

WORK OPPORTUNITIES:  A limited amount of work is available on campus.  Students over 14 years old wishing part-time work during the school year, should request a work application from the secretary’s office.  Students will be paid by check made out to the student or CVCA and applied directly to the student’s account.


INSURANCE and PERSONAL PROPERTY: The student accident insurance policy provides coverage for students while at school and on school sponsored functions.  The school is not liable for loss or damage to personal property, including musical instruments, brought on the school premises.

ADDITIONAL EXPENSES:  There are additional expenses during the year that are not covered by tuition and fees.  The cost of these items will vary and will be announced by various departments and sponsors if they have not been listed on page one under Optional Fees.


Please take some time and read what is available to our CVCA families.









CVCA Scholarships (Elementary and Secondary students) – must be enrolled full-time – must demonstrate need – students age 14 and above must participate in the Work-Study Program – parents must make a financial commitment – parents must apply for all other available scholarships – applications are accepted beginning July 1 on a first-come-first-served basis.

Constituent Church Worthy Students Funds (Elementary and Secondary students) -applications are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis The following Central California Conference and Pacific Union Conference scholarship applications are available at the school office or online at

CCC Endowment Fund (Elementary and Secondary students) – parent and or student must be a baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Central California – must demonstrate financial need – parents and local church must make a financial commitment – Deadline is June 30.

Pacific Union Endowment Fund (Secondary students) – parent or student must be a baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Pacific Union – must be enrolled full-time – Deadline is June 30.

Three-Way Matching Fund (Secondary students) – must be enrolled full-time – request begins with the local church, then is matched by the Conference and the school – the maximum amount is $300 from each entity for a total of $900 – Deadline is September 15.

New Member Evangelism Fund (Elementary and Secondary students) – student or parent must have been baptized in the Adventist church within the past 2 years. -first-time enrolled students for the school year. – a 20% scholarship is available towards registration fees and tuition for two years. – Deadline is June 30